Sensory Pleasures

Bottle Placeres Sensoriales

100% Tempranillo

Approaching a wine glass and it is able to stimulate all our senses, that is the goal of this wine, made in an open concrete lake 80 years old, back in time, remembering the scent of fresh fruit and licorice when my grandfather took me to the cellars of the castle of San Vicente to have lanchas with friends and I barely had enough age to hold in my hands a bottle of wine

That pervasive and lasting aroma is what modern winemaking has forgotten and we have tried to convey in this young wine carbonic maceration, primarily fresh and fruity, very pure fruit expression, very soft and elegant on the palate with a slight feeling of carbonic .

An intense cherry color indicates that this is the maximum expression of tempranillo 100%, all natural, without any dressings or sophisticated elaborations, only grapes harvested from 40 years vines planted in vessel, unloaded in a concrete lake with a capacity of 1000 cantaras, and fermented for 10 days, with branch, without squeezing, completely whole grapes, with the aim of trying to do what our grandparents, when no enology, no technology and really wines only tasted wine … .

That is the sensory pleasures.

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