The Project

EL VINO PRÓDIGO SL arises from the illusion of Peter and Mary to fulfill a dream, to create a small “factory sensory pleasures”, in which, starting virtually from scratch and with the help and love of good friends intend to put available to lovers of good taste small sensory pleasures such as wine.


To enjoy a good wine from Rioja is always necessary to start from the basis of vineyards which will give us something traditional and unique, as are those in the far west of La Rioja, also called La Rioja Alta, therefore took a few years selecting certain plots to make a small grape production, but chosen carefully to get the essence of a Rioja up to the big occasion.

The development

Starting from zero is complicated and on the assistance of friends is needed, so to start the project we have the facilities of a charming winery that have been refined to the top something that started as a whim, and ultimately will to give way to please those wine lovers who want to try a Rioja with a different, unique style and very limited production.